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Rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets today with cabinet refacing from Artisan Cabinet Coatings.

You can buy all the new appliances and decorations you want, but if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen completely, you cannot finish the job until you address your outdated cabinets.

In many ways, kitchen cabinets can seem like the most untouchable fixtures in our homes. They can be a hassle to remove and replace without professional help. So even when their paint begins to chip and lose its shine, and even when the entire look no longer fits with the home, people decide to leave kitchen cabinets as is.

The technicians at Artisan Cabinet Coatings believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for drab, unappealing cabinets in your kitchen. Instead, they are here to bring the best cabinet refacing services in Olathe, KS, to your home for an affordable rate.

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What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a popular, cost-effective way to give your kitchen an overhaul without breaking the bank for the cost of new cabinet installation. Rather than replacing your current cabinets, refacing them will add fresh paint and modern features to make them appear new.

Refaced kitchen cabinet services from Artisan Cabinet Coatings begin with our team sanding down your cabinet boxes’ doors and face frames in our shop to remove their worn-down paint to prepare for a brand-new color. The beginning of the process is like that of cabinet resurfacing, but refacing goes a step further.

After the new paint is applied, you can choose between solid wood or laminate door styles to customize your cabinets even more. Cabinet refacing services even include additional trim work to ensure that your frames perfectly match.

Refacing might sound like a complete transformation, but it is different than replacing your cabinets entirely. You will be able to keep your original cabinet boxes while improving their exterior appearance with our refacing service.

Why Choose Artisan Cabinet Coatings?

Your Olathe, KS, home deserves the best, so trust the best home improvement team in the city to handle your cabinet refacing. Trust Artisan Cabinet Coatings.

When you choose our team of certified technicians for your cabinet refacing, you will receive professional and affordable services from designers working with the best materials available.

We will apply specialty coatings that are designed in Italy and are custom-made to provide a lasting shine. Our technicians will complete the project in our shop to ensure minimal distractions while we craft your dream cabinets.

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With cabinet refacing from Artisan Cabinet Coatings, a completely renovated kitchen can be yours, all without the time and labor costs required to replace and install new cabinets.


Refaced kitchen cabinets can give the room a modern aesthetic you are sure to love without requiring you to overspend in the way that more in-depth renovation projects might require.

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