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The countertops in your home are likely undergoing severe wear and tear from regular use. And the extent of what countertops go through has probably not even crossed your mind.

In a kitchen, countertops are the landing place for meals, beverages, and tableware that can leave marks on the appearance of our counters. Food and drinks are likely to spill and stain, while dropped plates and bowls can lead to cracks and chips.

If your countertops have seen better days, or if you wish to gain a more modern aesthetic, the technicians from Artisan Cabinet Coatings in Olathe, Kansas, will be there to answer the call.

While cabinets are in our name, there is so much more to our home improvement game. If you need high-quality custom countertops and more at an affordable rate, you can count on our services.

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Customizable Kitchen Countertops in Olathe, KS

At Artisan Cabinet Coatings, we offer a wide selection of countertop material to help you meet your design goals. Our team understands that not everybody has the same idea of the “perfect kitchen,” and we pride ourselves on providing options for various home improvement visions.

Whether you’re looking to have concrete countertops installed for a more industrial look or to add laminate countertops for a modern aesthetic, Artisan Cabinet Coatings will allow you that flexibility with our custom-designed counters.

Whatever material you choose, rest assured that our certified technicians will craft your new kitchen countertops in our shop with the professionalism you deserve. We can enhance the finish of your counters with our high-quality tools and materials.

Benefits of Custom Countertops From Artisan Cabinet Coatings

Custom countertops bear the brunt of most of the messy work in your kitchen, holding food and drinks and being subject to regular spills. So, it makes sense to enhance their durability as kitchen features that endure that much wear and tear by installing newer, stronger ones.

However, custom countertops can provide more benefits than lasting strength.


Custom countertops from Artisan Cabinet Coatings can enhance the aesthetic of your entire kitchen, helping the room meet your standard for interior perfection.


Countertops with sharp corners that protrude outward can be dangerous in any home, especially for homes with children. Our team can adjust your custom countertops with rounded corners to prevent any potential safety hazards.


Even if your current countertops are safe and designed the way you want them, there are still reasons to install more.

A spacious kitchen can take advantage of its extra room with extended countertops or a kitchen island made with a custom counter from Artisan Cabinet Coatings.

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Durable, custom-made countertops from Artisan Cabinet Coatings are the premier way to bring new counters and their visual appeal into your home.

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